Japan Omakase Plan

Japan Omakase Package Plan

Japan Omakase Package Plan covers all the services needed for every student who wants to study in Japan. The package offers assistance on the entire processing procedures before and after entry.

Please check below as it explains to you how Japan Omakase package works accordingly.

Before Entry

Before 8-9 monthsCounseling Service
Before 5-7 monthsSchool Application
Before 1-5 monthsReceive Acceptance Letter
Study Permit Application
Tuition Payment
Accommodation planning
Flight ticket

A series of support will be given beginning from the counseling until the student can get a visa.

※ Please take note that air ticket arrangements are not covered by the service.

After Entry

Arrival dateAirport Pick Up
Registering residence card 

Within 2 weeks




Any time

Notification of moving in
Registering the Residency Certification
Registering health insurance
Applying for a credit card
Registering phone contract
Opening a bank account


  • Airport transfers service can only be available in Haneda and Narita airport.
  • Our assistance includes registration of phone contract, credit card application, and opening SBI net bank account. And also, we will assist you in registering Residency certification, health insurance, and for opening Yucho bank account in Kanto area only. However, submission of requirements is necessary. So you will be submitted the documents in our office at Tokyo.

To be able to check the full lists of documents needed in each procedure, please click the links above.

We are glad to inform you that the Japan Omakase Package fee is 20% cheaper than of the usual price. Plus we offer free counseling service for those international students who wish to go to college after graduating from a Japanese language school.

We also accept quotation inquiry. So, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will then provide you with all the information you need.

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