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Those who are planning to study in Japan for more than 90 days must first obtain a student visa. Getting a visa requires a lot of documentation, and the application processing itself is very time-consuming. But don’t worry our visa support services will help you through the entire process. 

The good news is our visa support services will assist you to ease the notary process and offers a cost-efficient means of getting a visa. For example, we offer a group submission of documents for a notary than doing it individually because it is cheaper. 

For more details about the procedures of applying for a visa, please visit the article How to Apply for a Japan Student Visa?


Advantages of Requesting Our Visa Service 

  • In case of applying for a Visa from overseas, it is not possible to obtain a “Certificate of Eligibility for Certificate of Eligibility” required for Visa application to the Immigration Bureau unless you use an agent to notary public authorized from entry.
  • It is easier to apply for a visa because there is a possibility that you can not communicate in your mother tongue directly when asking a notary public.
  • The price is cheaper than applying directly to a notary public.

Visa Service Fee Rates

Usually, Schools will submit your application to the Immigration Bureau in Japan to get the Certificate of Eligibility or COE, but some schools do not. If ever our partner schools will not apply on your behalf, no need to worry because our agency will process your student visa application. To inquire about the visa service fee rates, please fill out the form below.

If you want to obtain a student visa in an easier way, we suggest availing yourself of our visa support services. However, if you want to avail of this service at lower rates then we recommend you to get our Japan Omakase Package that has all the services you need to study abroad in Japan.

Please check the Japan Omakase Package by clicking the button below for more details.

Japan Omakase Package Plan | FAIR Study in Japan

Let us do the paperwork.

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