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Opening a bank account is a must for international students living in Japan especially those who are planning to stay longer. However, it is not necessary for those who plan to get a short-term education, less than six months.

To have a bank account while studying abroad in Japan makes life easier. So, if you need assistance in the banking processing procedure, we’ll do it on your behalf. There are several banks to choose from in Japan that allows international students to open an account, but we recommend opening an account in Yucho Bank and Shumishin SBI Net Bank.

You can also try online banking which is the most convenient way to pay your bills it also has cheaper service fees. We will be providing assistance to apply for online banking at Yucho Bank and Shumishin SBI Net Bank. If you want to know the benefits of Online Banking, then read the article, “Why You Need a Bank Account in Japan” for more details.

Bank Account in Japan (Click Here) | FAIR Study in Japan


Here are the lists of necessary documents required when opening an account to both banks.

Yucho Bank

JP Bank


    • Residence card
    • Non-Resident Documents  
    • Working Japanese phone number


  • Requires to open an account in a Yucho bank nearest your residential address.
  •  We can not guarantee to open a bank account with Yucho will be 100% successful.

※Kanto area only


SBI Sumishin Net Bank

SBI logo


  • Copy of Health Insurance Certificate+public receipt or invoice
  • Copy of Resident card+public receipt or invoice

Public receipt or invoice (with your address and full name) from electricity、water、gas、Home phone(except IP phone)and Mobile phone (NHK). 


  • Copy of receipt or invoice from the website is not acceptable
  • All original documents must not be older than 3 months.
  • Opening a bank account requires a visit to our office.
  • We can not guarantee an opening of a bank account with SBI will be 100% successful.


Best Deal Package Plan

Try our best deal Japan Omakase Package offers a series of support services before and after entry to Japan, which also includes assistance services for opening a Yucho Bank account.
For more information, please click the picture below:

Japan Omakase Package Plan | FAIR Study in Japan

Enjoy the 25% off on service fee for opening the Yucho Bank account and 50% off for Sumu-shin Net Bank.

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Just fill in the form below for price quotations and other inquiries. Please feel free to contact us.

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