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JTIS (Japan Tokyo International School) is a school accredited by the Immigration Bureau as an Excellent School. It is an international school that accepts students coming from different countries. The school has several courses for foreign students who want to learn the Japanese language and help them to understand Japan’s unique culture. Apart from regular classes, they offer field trips and a cultural exchange program which gives chances to the student to communicate with locals.

JITS main purpose is to introduce the Japanese language worldwide by educating international students to improve their Japanese skills. To make sure that they are capable of giving better education in each student, they offer the best Teachers who are degree holders and possessed the certification to teach the Japanese language to foreigners.

JTIS Facilities | FAIR Study in Japan


  • Best location
  • Better facilities
  • Attractive Environment
  • Secure and Organized


Name: Comprehensive Japanese Course
Type of course: Long-term
Visa required: Student Visa
Course length: 1-2 years
Levels: 9 levels (Beginners 1,2,3 Intermediate 1,2,3, Advanced 1,2, Hyper-advanced)
  • 09:00-12:15 (AM Class)
  • 13:30-16:45 (PM Class)


Name: Short-term Japanese Course
Type of course: Short-term
Visa required: family visa, working holiday visa, sightseeing, etc

Course Length:

From one week

Lesson time is different, AM class, PM class, and Evening class. (3 hours a day, 5 days a week)


Name: Business Japanese Course
Type of course: Short-term 
Visa required: Any type of visa

Enrollment &

Course Length:

Anytime to join, (preferably at the beginning of the month)

one month course

three-month course

Levels: 24 lessons
Schedule: twice a week (Wednesday & Thursday) 19:00-20:30


Name: Courses for those who live in Japan
Type of course: Short-term
Visa required: Family Visa

Enrollment &

Course Length:

Available from one month (one week for travelers)

  • One month course (8 times or 12 times)
  • Three-month course (24 times or 36 times)
 Lessons: according to daily life settings
  • Twice a week course (Tuesday & Thursday)
    13:30 – 15:00 or 15:15 – 16:45
  • Three times a week course (Mon, Wed, and Fri)
    13:30 – 15:00 or 15:15 – 16:45


  • Comprehensive Japanese Course 25,000 Yen per week
  • Short-term Japanese Course 25,000 Yen per week
  • Business Japanese Course 4,500 Yen per 90 minutes lesson
  • Spoken Japanese Courses 9,000 Yen per week


You can visit the JTIS website for full details by clicking the link below.

Japan Tokyo International School

JTIS is one of our partner Japanese learning schools in Japan. We believe that this school provides the best education to learn the Japanese language. If ever you decide to enroll in JTIS then we will be here to help you. Our agency will provide assistance in the school application, accommodation, and other services you need to study abroad in Japan.

You may also avail of our Japan Omakase Package Plan which includes all the services you need in one package. Please click on the picture below for more details.

Japan Omakase Package Plan | FAIR Study in Japan

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