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The short-term Japanese course is intended for those who want to learn the language over a short period from 1 week to 3 months. This course is designed to teach basic to intermediate Japanese. In fact, it is way more inexpensive than a long-term program.

It began in 1980 when many of the foreign nationals becoming increasingly curious to learn the Japanese language after Japanese culture was being recognized all over the world. Due to this, there are almost 400 registered language schools all over Japan. Each of them provides different types of short-term courses to help international students learn basic Japanese. For example, some language schools offer to teach students how to read and write Hiragana/Katakana while other school courses aim to develop the students’ ability to communicate in Japanese. Even most of them provide cultural activities for those students who want to deepen their understanding of the Japanese culture, though it’s optional.

Taking a short-term Japanese course is very helpful to everyone at all levels like those who are currently working or living in Japan, those who want to obtain certificates in language proficiency (N5 or N4), or even those who will only visit or travel in the country.

Furthermore, there’s a lot of reasons why you should consider enrolling in a short-term Japanese course, such as you don’t need to obtain a student visa, the application process is not complicated, and more. Therefore, if you want to know if you are eligible for admission, you must check the following.

  • Completed 12 years of school education (6 years Elementary, 3 years in Junior High and 3 years High school or above)
  • Must a holder of any of the following visas.

Temporary visitor’s visa

This type of visa permits an individual to stay in Japan for 90 days or less for the following purposes: sightseeing; recreation; visiting relatives; friends; attending a wedding or funeral ceremony; sports; business purposes; etc.

Other types of visas include working holiday, Spouse, Family Permanent Resident, etc.

Anyone who has any of the visas as mentioned above and already staying in Japan can directly apply for a short-term course.

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  1. The flow of Application for a Short-term Course in Japan
  2. Choose a Japanese language school.
  3. Fill out the school application form for a short-term course.
  4. Submit the application form and other required documents to the school.
  5. Once the school accepted your application, then they will give you a payment invoice.
  6. You may now pay the course fee.
  7. After payment confirmation, you will get a letter of acceptance or letter of admission from the School.  However, if you do not have a temporary visa or any from the previously mentioned visas, you should do the following after you have received a Letter of Admission from the School.
    • Apply for a temporary visitor’s visa in a consulate or Japanese embassy in your home country.
    • If your visa is approved, then you can book a flight, make a reservation for your accommodation in Japan (if you will not stay at the school dormitory) and send the school your arrival details.
  8. Attend school orientation and welcome party.
  9. Start of classes.

Check out for our new Youtube channel and learn more about the various visas in Japan.

If you are looking for a perfect school to learn Japanese in the short-term only, then here’s the list of our partner Japanese Language Schools in Japan.

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Japanese Language School

Name of School

ISI (International Study Institute)

About the School 

ISI is one of the largest Japanese Language Schools.
This school will help you find a type of course according to your objective in learning the Japanese language such as you want to study at the university, to look for a job or learn the culture and more. Also, their campuses are located in 3 cities in Japan (Tokyo, Nagano, and Kyoto). 

ISI can surely help you decide based on your choices.

LocationTOKYO, Takadanobaba Campus/TOKYO, Ikebukuro Campus and Nagano Campus
Short-term Courses

Practical Conversation Class
This course is for those students who want to enhance their conversation skills in Japanese. They have a unique way to teach their students such as playing games, voice-over acting Japanese animation as part of conversation exercises.

Job Finding Class
This course is for those who are qualified to apply for a working visa in Japan. The applicant must have a degree either Associate or Bachelor.
The class includes learning business manners, Japanese affairs and more. They support students for job interviews and other counseling services.

Duration: From four (4) weeks- ten (10) weeks (three (3) months)

LocationKyoto Campus
Short-term Course

Short term Practical Japanese Course

  • Topics
    Listening, speaking, pronunciation, reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, and activities

Short term general Japanese course

  • Topics
    Listening, speaking, pronunciation, reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar

Duration: from 2-20 weeks

Name of School

JTIS (Japan Tokyo International School)

About the SchoolThis school strives to help international students to improve their Japanese skills. JTIS offers several courses to choose from, and aside from that, they give the best-qualified Teachers for their students to learn the Japanese language. The location of the school is perfect and the environment is attractive, secure and organize.
Location Tokyo
Short-term Course
  • Business Japanese course
  • Spoken Japanese course
  • Short-term Japanese course

Duration: from one week- three months

Name of School

AILC (Asia International Language Center)

About the SchoolThe school offers effective teaching methods and various extracurricular activities to help their students learn the Japanese language easier. Moreover, the school site is great, close to everything.
Short-term CourseGeneral
Name of School

Sendagaya Japanese Institute Group

About the SchoolThe school buildings are located in Takadanobaba, the central part of Tokyo, and it has more than 2,000 overseas students and well-experienced teachers graduating from the school attached Japanese Teachers’ Training Course
Short-term Course

Everyday Course

Duration: from 2 weeks- 10 weeks

After you have completed the course, you will realize that traveling around Japan is easier if you can converse with the locals while you’re having fun immersing yourself into their fascinating culture, fashion, and history.

However, studying the Japanese language over a short period will limit your understanding only to basic Japanese. To broaden it to an advanced Japanese level, then you should take long-term courses, in which you will able to learn the proper grammar usage, vocabulary, reading, writing, speak fluently, and more. Besides, passing the JLPT N3, N2, and N1 is very important for highly skilled foreign professionals to practice their skills or profession in Japan. Unlike taking a short-term Japanese, enrolling in a long-term course requires you to apply for a student visa.

Now let’s go back to the first step of the application, which is choosing a Japanese school in Japan. How can you do this? You can do this by gathering general information about the school with the use of the internet, check the application procedures, requirements, and tuition fees. Narrow your choices and pick one that is the best for you.

If you find it hard to choose a language school in Japan to study Japanese, then we at FAIR Study in Japan would be glad to assist you. For more details, please contact us by filling out the contact form below.

FAIR Japan provides useful information about Japan.

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