Top 6 Jobs in Japan for English Speakers

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Do you want to know about some jobs in Japan for English speakers? You came to the right place. We will provide you with a list of jobs that will not require you to speak Japanese.

Although the language skill is not necessary for getting those jobs, it is still very significant to learn some basic Japanese. Expect that most locals, even locals who have been staying for work or study purposes, use the native language of the country when communicating. And such a skill will lead you to more great opportunities in the future.

To proceed with the list of jobs, we gather six English-speaking jobs in Japan for you to explore. Read on!

Popular Jobs in Japan for English Speakers

1. English Language Teaching

Jobs in Japan for English Speaker (English Teacher) | FAIR Study in JapanYou can see signs written in English everywhere, but schooling in Japan is exclusively conducted in the Japanese language. This is the reason why English language schools in Japan were built, and you can apply them online.

Some of these English teachers transferred to Japan as temporary workers. There are some who teach from their home country. But those who choose to teach English while living in Japan have a higher chance of finding other jobs aside from teaching English.

You need to consider what category of students you would like to teach. If you have no Business English background, a corporate teaching job would be hard for you. If you are not fond of kids, English teaching to children is not a good choice or else, you will be working unhappily. Stay focused on what you can and want to do. Then you will find a rewarding English teaching job.

Average Salary: 

    • 200,000 and 300,000 Yen ($1,700 – 2,600 USD) per month
    • Tutoring Hourly Rate: 3,000 Yen or $26

2. Real Estate

One of the popular jobs in Japan for English speakers can be found in the real estate industry. There are real estate companies in Japan targeting ex-pats who are looking for a house to buy or rent. Real estate agents who have business-level English skills are a great help to these companies in sales and to ex-pats in finding the best place to stay. 

What should you have to become a real estate agent in Japan?

  • Must have a university degree.
  • You need to get a visa that allows you to work as an agent.
  • You must be able to speak fluently in Japanese so that you can talk to local clients and not to foreigners only. It will also help you to become a licensed real estate agent.

Average Salary:

    • 500,000 JPY or $4,400 per month

3. Service Staff

May your job be as a cashier, front desk, waiter, or manager, international hotels and restaurants in Japan hire English speakers. All throughout the year, a number of tourists visit Japan, where English speaker workers can help them. In most job posts you can find online, these hotels specifically require good English skills.

Average Salary: 

    • 400,000 Yen or 3,500 USD per month
    • hourly rate: 2,500 Yen or 22 USD

4. Engineer and IT

Engineer Working | FAIR StudyJapanese companies in the automotive, construction, engineering and IT industries are hiring skilled workers rather than offshoring their operations. In order for someone to land in these jobs in Japan, you have to be skilled in your home country. Some companies are looking for bilingual workers. The required number of workers may go high or low, but there is always a job for English speakers.

Average Salary: 

    • Entry ¥400,000 or 3,500 USD per month
    • Average ¥600,000 or 5,200 USD per month

5. Recruitment and Human Resource

From being an English teacher, some who wanted a career change ends up being recruiters for reputable companies and agencies. Recruiters or headhunters earn a good income by the commission. There are openings for part-time and full-time positions.

Average Salary: 

    • ¥280,000 or 2,400 USD per month

6. Foreign Company Staff

There are foreign companies that operate in Japan that employ English-speaking workers as their assistants or staff. Other positions are filled through company transfer or overseas hiring. But there are Japanese companies that are expanding globally that hire foreigners, too.

Like any other country, finding a job in Japan is not easy. Others would choose to marry locals to be able to find work easily. But surely, everyone who chooses to live and work in Japan is an additional workforce and can live a satisfying and happy life. Wish to know what companies are hiring? Visit Japan’s top job sites.

Top Job Sites in Japan

Job Search Website (FAIR Inc) | FAIR Work in Japan

Fair Inc. helps both temporary and permanent residents in Japan in finding a job, either part-time or full-time. With a wide network of companies in different locations, it offers jobs in different industries like medical, engineering, IT, food and beverages, sales, and many more. It is not just a recruitment agency, it has a heart for everyone.

2. The Japan Exchange Teaching (JET) Programme

JET Programme

If you desire to be an English language teacher in Japan, try the JET Programme. It promotes international exchange between Japan and other countries, sending foreign teachers to Japanese schools. You can see complete information about the currently available positions and the requirements to join the program.

3. GaijinPot Jobs


Gaijin is the Japanese word for foreigners. Obviously, it contains jobs for foreigners, even for those who know no Japanese. The job site is very comprehensive. You can see a variety of positions from different industries and offers full-time and part-time jobs. 



In service to bilingual and multilingual people since 1998, this website offers a wide range of opportunities in different industries – IT, banking, automotive, and food industries. You also can customize your search by job category, industry, and language or even make a quick search according to your preference.

5. JOBS in Japan

Jobs in Japan

This site’s homepage will give you the feeling of coming to Japan. It gives you the choice of, not only to look for a job of your preference but, searching by prefecture. It also offers other jobs that you can’t see from other job sites.

6. Tokyo Employment Service Center for Foreigners (Nishi Shinjuku Center)

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This website is full of job-related information for those who are living and looking for a job, including jobs in Japan for English speakers. The center, a public employment office run by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, specializes in providing job counseling and placement services for non-Japanese students and specialists or technical experts.

Read the “7 Best Japan Recruitment Agencies For Foreigners” article to learn more about the legit job sites in Japan to apply.

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