50 Most Used Japanese Phrases for Travelers

50 Most Used Japanese Phrases For Travelers | FAIR Study

Do you want to travel to Japan? If so, you should know these useful Japanese phrases that help your trip easier. Actually, you do not need to be perfect in speaking Japanese when you travel because some Japanese can understand a few English words. However, most of  them can not understand even “where is the washroom?” So here are the 50 most common Japanese phrases for foreign travelers.

Basic Essential Japanese Phrases

50 Most Used Japanese Phrases For Travelers | FAIR Study

ありがとうございます Thank you

Arigatou gozaimasu

Of cause “Thank you” is the most important word in Japan.

If you want to say it quickly and for friends, you can say just “Arigato”.


楽しいです I’m excited.


Someone must be going to ask you about your feelings during your trip.

If you can not answer, it’s very sad.

But do not worry, you can say just this phrase.


どこの国出身ですか? Where are you from?

Doko no kuni shusin desuka?

Nowadays, There is a lot of people who are from abroad in Japan.

I think you need this phrase when you meet foreigners first.


ちょっと聞いてもいいですか? Can I ask you something?

Chotto Kiitemo iidesuka?

You can add “Suimasenn” at the beginning.

“Suimasenn Choutto Iidesuka?” is more polite.


好きです I like it.


You can say this phrase to a thing or person.


嫌いです I hate it.


Hate is more strong meaning than “Kirai”. 

“Kirai” is near meaning dislike.


行きましょう! Let’s go!



最高! Awesome!


I often say “Saikou” because this word is the best praise.


すみません Excuse me.


This phrase is very useful.

When you want to ask someone and apologize, you can use it in any situation.


ごめんなさい I’m sorry.




Japanese Greetings | FAIR Study

こんにちは Hello


you can say it when it’s daytime.


おはようございます  Good morning

Ohayou gozaimasu


こんばんわ  Good evening



さようなら  See you or bye



またね  See you later



初めまして  Nice to meet you



ただいま  I’m home



調子どう?  How are you doing? What’s up?


If you want to say more polite, “Choushi ha dou desuka?” is better.


久しぶり  It’s been a while



また連絡します I will keep in touch.

Mata renraku shimasu




Airport | FAIR Study

このチケットはどこですか? Where can I get on an airplane with this ticket?

Kono ticket ha dokodesuka?

You should have an airplane ticket when you have to get an airplane.

If you do not understand where you ride on it,

you can use this phrase while showing your ticket.


トイレはどこですか? Where is a toilet?

Toire ha dokodesuka?

When you look for a toilet, you need just this short word.


水をください water please.

Mizu wo kudasai.

In the airplane, you can be thirsty so you can use this phrase while raising your hand.


毛布をください Please blanket.

Mouhu wo kudasai.

I have experiences that I needed a blanket in an airplane because it was too cold.

This phrase is more necessary than you think.


何時に着きますか? What time will we arrive?

Nanjini Tukimasuka?


どれくらいかかりますか? How long does it take?

Donokurai kakarimasuka?

You can add directions after this phrase.

For example, How long does it take to Narita?


日本語がわかりません I can’t understand Japanese.

Nihongo ga wakarimsenn

This words may be most important.


Visaは必要ですか? Do I need a Visa?

Visa ha hituyou desuka?


窓側の席がいいです I prefer windows seats.

Madogawa no sekiga iidesu.


通路側の席がいいです I prefer an aisle seat.

Tuurogawa no sekiga iidesu.



Restaurant | FAIR Study

席空いてますか? Is there available seat?

Ski aite masuka?


1人です  Just one

Hitori desu

“Hitori” = one person

“Hutari” = two people

“Sannin” = three people

“Yonin” = four people

“Gonin” = five people


予約を取りたいです  Can I get a reservation?

yoyaku wo toritai desu


何時から何時まで開いていますか?  What time is the business hours?

Nannjikara Nanjimade Aite masuka?

Or you can say “営業時間は何時ですか?” = “Eigyou jikann ha nanji desuka?


注文いいですか?  Can I order?

Chumon iidesuka?


乾杯!  Cheers!



おいしそう It looks good   



大丈夫です I’m fine 

Daijyoubu desu


おいしいです  It’s delicious

Oisii desu


お会計いいですか?  Could I get a bill?

Okaikei iidesuka?



Traveler Shopping | FAIR Study

いらっしゃいませ May I help you?


Maybe, you can not lesson to it clearly because clerks speak very fast.

But do not worry because this phrase is little meaning.

You do not have to answer.


何かお探しですか?  Are you looking for something?

Nanika osagashi desuka?

When you are looking for something, clerks should ask you with this phrase.


試着してもいいですか?  Could I try on it?

Shichakushitemo iidesuka?


これください  Please this one 

kore kudasai


いくらですか?  How much?

Ikura desuka?


カードでもいいですか?  Can I use cards?

Card demo iidesuka?


これを探しているのですが  I’m looking for this

Kore wo sagashgite irunodesuga

I think most travelers have a smartphone, so you can use just this phrase during showing picture of merchandise which you want to buy.


他のものはありますか?  Do you have any other kinds of stuff?

Hokano mono ha arimasuka?


おすすめは何ですか?  What do you recommend?

Osusume ha nanndesuka?


また来ます  See you soon.

Mata kimasu



These phrases must help your trip.

So I’d love to you will visit this article again and again to confirm.

I hope you will enjoy the beautiful places in Japan.

See you!

FAIR Japan provides useful information about Japan. 

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