Tokyo Cosmo Academy

Tokyo Cosmo Academy was founded in 1986, regarded as an excellent language school by the Japanese Ministry of Justice and a member of the Japan Language Education Association and the National Federation of Japanese Language Schools. It is ideally located near Takadanobaba Station, conveniently a few minutes away walk.

The Academy is not only focused on teaching the language but helping the students as well to build a bright future. It offers a basic, intermediate and advanced level of Japanese language classes. It also offers career guidance for students who are planning to pursue university studies after completing the program. The good news is, it offers free trials for students who excelled in and recommended by their school.

School features:

  • Ideal and convenient location.
  • Excellent visa and educational record.
  • Extraordinary care and guidance for students
  • Established a guarantee to top universities
  • Scholarship reward system and free trial for top students
  • On and off-campus activities
  • Comfortable dormitory close to the school

Tokyo Cosmo Academy class


Course Course Length/Career guidance

2 years

Primary intermediate and Advanced

◆Entrance exam or EJU practicing

1 year and nine months

Primary intermediate and advanced

◆Small paper practicing

1 year and six months

Primary intermediate and advanced

◆Face to face interview

1 year and 3 months

Primary intermediate and advanced


Practical Japanese

Business Japanese

Japanese conversation

  • Require the learner to get JLPT N2 and pass the lyceum test.

from 1 year and 3 months to 2 years  



(JLPT N5-N4)

Master the correct pronunciation of Japanese words and basic Japanese grammar. Master Hiragana, Katakana, and Chinese characters about 300 words.


(JLPT N4-N3)

Basic grammar, automatic words, verbs, hypothetical times, subject words, servants, honorific words, etc.



A slightly higher grammar, more often in reading long articles.

Intermediate and Advanced


Advanced grammar, mostly from news newspapers or other documents. Understanding long articles and so on.


(JLPT N1 and above)

Understanding and use of classical Chinese. Expression of a sensible article. Fiction and other understanding. Fully understand the meaning of movies, television, etc.

Student Support Guidance:

Life Guidance Support

Focused on Japanese etiquette, rules and others that can be used in everyday life.

Progression Guidance Support

University entrance examination information class:

Explain various information and test methods of each university

Admissions Guidance Course: 

Interview courses such as interviews, research proposals, and volunteer reason books.

Art Seminar

Art Foundation Course (Sketch Stereo · Structure Creative Color)
Portfolio counseling (including training for college majors)
Intelligence collection
Research plan counseling
Art small paper counseling (only graduate students)
Simulated interview counseling
  • Tuition

Please contact us for details about the tuition.


Tokyo Cosmo Academy is one of our partner Japanese language schools. Because of this, we will provide you with the best assistance in processing your enrollment with them. 

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