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What’s with KJLA?

  • One of the highly competitive international schools in Japan founded in June 1986 as Tokyo Dome Foreign Language Academy. As of October 2016, the school name was changed to Kyoritsu Japanese Language Academy.
  • Teachers and staffs are well-experienced and professionals who are engaged not only to fundamental education such as reading, writing, speaking and listening in Japanese, but also promotes the importance of Japanese culture, communication skills, thoughtfulness, and human kindness.
  • The school classrooms, offices, and academic facilities are 100% modernized. The building is divided into three floors with beautiful interior designs to naturally boost the students’ motivation in learning.
  • After a long study session, students can relax anywhere near the school considering it’s in Yushima-Tokyo where famous tourist destinations can be found such as massive park and cultural facilities. On the other hand, it is also conducive for learning environment and the best place to experience the beautiful surroundings of Japan. amusement park

KJLA serves students from around the world and its mission is to develop the students’ basic language capabilities and knowledge, and for them to enhance their learning skills towards reading, writing, listening, and speaking. KJLA also help students to engage more in Japanese lifestyle because learning Japanese culture is part of their curriculum.

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Early Acceptance Period – April and October every year

Course Schedule – 20 hours per week (four 50 minute lessons per day, five days a week)

Eligibility – Persons residing in Japan with the “Student” residential status who plan to pursue further studies in Japan


24-month Course

(starts every April)

18-month Course

(starts every October)

Tuition fee:

¥480,000/ 12months

Tuition fee:

¥480,000/ 12 months

¥240,000/ 6 months

Facility & Equipment fee: 

¥180,000 /12 months

Facility & Equipment fee:

¥180,000/ 12 months

¥90, 000/ 6months

Training fee & Insurance cost: ¥30,000 / 12 months

Training fee & Insurance cost:

¥30,000/ 12 months

¥15, 000/ 6 months

ANNUAL TOTAL: ¥690,000


¥690,000 for the first 12 months

¥345,000 for the last 6 months

 *PRICES IN JPY*  The entrance fee is FREE! We take a 20,000-yen examination fee only for those with a Certificate of Eligibility for Resident Status.

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Beginner 1: Level JLPT N5 Master the fundamentals of simple conversation needed for studying the Japanese language.
Beginner 2: Level JLPT N4 Master basic conversations for everyday life.
Intermediate 1: Level JLPT N3 Expand understanding of beginner’s sentence forms, be able to comprehend texts written about familiar subjects, and be able to utilize written and oral expressions.
Intermediate 2: Level JLPT N2 Study further advanced sentence forms, be able to comprehend simple texts related to specialized fields and fields of interest, be able to state one’s opinion, etc.

Intermediate-Advanced 1: Level JLPT N2

Study more complex sentence forms, be able to comprehend views and opinions of partner and facts in the fields of interest, and be able to express one’s own opinions with clear reason.
Intermediate-Advanced 2: Level JLPT N1 Study advanced sentence forms with more complexity, be able to generally grasp information outside of one’s specialty, and to widely discuss things based on partner’s conditions and viewpoints, in addition to comprehending partner’s views and opinions, and facts.
Advanced 1: Level JLPT N1

Acquire comprehensive abilities that are fit for activities in higher educational institutions.

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KJLA offers quality education that will help you develop your Japanese communication skills, enhancing it to the critical thinking ability. Not only that, but you will also know how to live like a Japanese as you experience how Japanese culture influence millions of people from across the globe.

On the other hand, KJLA offers accommodation options that you can choose from.

We at Learn Japanese would be glad to help you in processing your school application and student visa application. If you have any questions regarding KJLA, please click the picture below. It will direct you to our contact page.  

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