Phone Contract Service

Our service includes processing phone contracts or subscription plan for international students, that means we can process and apply on their behalf.

There are major Japanese mobile phone companies namely NTT DoCoMo, Au by KDDI, and Softbank (formerly Vodafone, and before that J-phone) that they can choose from. And the student can freely choose whether to sign up for a phone plan or to get a sim card that is extra convenient and cheaper option.

Please refer to phone contract prices by clicking the picture below.

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Pre-registering phone contract

Different SIM Cards

If the students prefer to use their phone instead of buying a new one, they can buy a sim card. However, the phone must be unlocked and will work on any of the Japanese networks. And since sim card in Japan differs in sizes, there are regular, micro and nano, we need to double-check their phone before purchasing it. 

*Also, it is possible to use cheap SIM for SIM Fleece Maho brought from overseas (take note that some cases may not be available depending on the terminal of the phone)

SIM Plans

The following are the different types of only-sim plans and their features.








Talk × ×
Text ×

The use of phone call and data are necessary for studying abroad in Japan. Therefore, we recommend Talk Plan which has both features.

※Please contact us for details with other plans.


  • Check the minimum contract length. It is necessary to pay attention to staying period because penalties will be applied if canceled halfway within the minimum use period.
  •  In order to apply, you need personal identification documents and credit card information.
  • It will need a credit card to complete the payment.


3 Major Phone Company

Line Mobile Corporation


『Line Mobile Official Page』

Network Speed: Very Stable  

*Network Speed might reduce in the afternoon due to a lot of users.

Price: average

Minimum contract period: 12 months


  • unlimited access to chatTwitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Line Music.

※ LINE MUSIC (Line Music) is a flat-rate music distribution service with over 1.5 million songs. A separate usage fee will apply.

  • Most mobile companies set network speed limits within three days while Line Mobile doesn’t.
  • It is possible to share your mobile data with other devices via Line.
  • The charges of high-speed data can be added in the next month.


  • 10 min unlimited call for Monthly 880 yen
  • Additional monthly fees below will cover the damages such as falling, submerging and more.

(Registered with SIM & Device: Monthly 450 Yen:1st 5,000 Yen、2nd 8,000Yen)

(Registered with only SIM Card: Monthly 500 Yen:1st 4,000 Yen、2nd 8,000Yen)

For more details, visit Line Mobile.

UQ Mobile

UQ mobile

『UQ mobile Official Page』

Network Speed:The most stable and has better network services compared to other competitors.

Steady network speed even during peak hours.

Detail of the plan:

Pitarri Plan(data, call, and SNS or social networking service) 2,400 yen/month

Oshaberi Plan (chat plan) 1,980 yen/month

Minimum contract period: 12 months (Contract cancellation fee 9,550 Yen)


  • Talk Plan:Free for first 5 min talk 
  • Fit Plan:Free 30 min~90 min talk

(S Plan:30 min free, M Plan: 60 min free、Line Plan: 90 min free)


  • Data usage will be half after 26 month(6 GB → 3 GB)
  • Cancellation Fee will apply after 25 months 9,500 Yen
  • So we recommend you to cancel these plans after the second year and switch to another company.

For more details, click Below.

UQ mobile


Biglobe mobile

『Biglobe Official Page』

Network Speed:It has the most unstable communication speed among the three companies.

Price:offers the cheapest price

Minimum contract period: 12 months (Contract Cancellation Fee 8,000 Yen)


  • YouTube, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, etc. are free of data usage. (Sounds or Video quality can be poor depends on location.)
  • Free entertainment option: 480 Yen per month
  • Free call using the Biglobe app and the domestic call charge will be half price. (30 sec / 10 yen tax exemption)


  • They offer a Talk Pack 60 with a maximum of 60 min free call which is only 650 Yen(excluded tax). It is the best option for a person who talks more than 33 min per month.
  • 3 minutes of unlimited option. If you call from the application, it will be free for 3 minutes.

For more details, click Below.



Price Comparison

  2GB 3GB 5GB 6GB
Line Mobile   2,570 Yen 3,860 Yen  
UQ Mobile 1,980 Yen     2,680 Yen Unlimited Data 
Biglobe Mobile   1,600 Yen   2,150 Yen

*Monthly charge unit is Yen

※Several Plans are available for the first monthly fee, contact us for more information.


  • Line Mobile

If you use SNS frequently then, we recommend you get the Line Mobile. However, you must have a least stay of 1 year. You can also apply subscriptions without a credit card. They allow minor and over 18 years old subscribers.

  • UQ mobile

For those who prefer to have a high-speed network, then you can choose UQ mobile but make sure you have a minimum stay of 1 year in Japan. It is not suitable for those who often make phone calls. And, they don’t allow minor subscribers.

  • BIGLOBE Mobile

BiGlobe Mobile is best suitable for those who often listen to videos and music, such as YouTube. Also, this is for people who always make phone calls but don’t care about the network speed. However, you must have an id document and have stayed for more than a year in Japan. Minors are not allowed for the registration.


※We are always welcome to provide the best suggestions for suitable Phone plans, contract, and personal interest.

Required Documents

Line Mobile

  • Identification Documents

Resident Card+Additional Documents(Residency Certificate or utility bill)

Health Insurance Card+Additional Documents(Residency Certificate or utility bill)

*The supplementary documents must be within 3 months from issue date.

*We recommend getting Residency Certificate after arriving in Japan.

To know more about the residency certificate details, please click the link below.

Residence Certificate in Japan

For the resident card information, please tlick the link below.

What is Residence Card in Japan?

And, if know more about the health insurance card, please click the picture below.

Japanese Health Insurance (Click Here) | FAIR Study in Japan


  • Credit Card or Line Pay card

The credit card has to be issued in Japan and must be in your name. Remember it will take about a week to issue credit cards and Line Pay cards. To know more about the best credit card for foreigners, please click here.

When issuing a credit card, it requires a phone number. Since it’s not easy to get a credit card, we recommend you get the Line Pay card which only requires your email address (Gmail or Yahoo) 

UQ Mobile

  • Identification Documents

Resident Card+Additional Documents(Residency Certificate or utility bill)

Health Insurance Card+Additional Documents(Residency Certificate or utility bill)

*All documents required are not older than 3 months.

*Registration Service for UQ mobile is only for 20 years and over. 

  • Credit Card(those issued abroad may not be approved)
  • Email address (any email address)  


  • Identification Documents

Resident Card

Health Insurance Card+Additional Documents(Residency Certification or utility bill)

*All documents should not be older than 3 months.

*No underage Registration Service for BiGlobe.

  • Credit Card (credit card issued abroad is not allowed)
  • E-mail (any email address)

*The delivery of the sim and phone card of each company will take about one week.

『Line Mobile Official Page』

『UQ mobile Official Page』

『BIGLOBE MOBILE Official Page』

Registration Services

If you will avail Japan Omakase Package Plan, the service fee will be half price or a 50%off.

I will explain more details during the orientation, so please use it by all means. If you want to check the information about Japan Omakase Package Plan, please visit the link below.


Japan Omakase Package Plan | FAIR Study in Japan

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