Studying Japanese in Japan: Know The 5 Advantages

Did you know that there are many more benefits to studying the Japanese language in Japan? Due to our modernized world, others may agree that studying Japanese online is just so easy. It can be hassle-free and can be done anytime and anywhere with just one click. Some also prefer to learn the Japanese language by their own effort or do it by themselves. However, a lot of foreigners chose to study the Japanese language in Japan. Why? Because of the five major advantages.

5 Major Advantages of Studying Japanese in Japan

1. Self-learning Vs. Actual Instructor

Study Japanese (Self-learning Vs. Actual Instructor) | FAIR Study in JapanIf you learn the Japanese language on your own or by self-study, your full focus is within you and there will be no distractions. However, studying Japanese alone is not that beneficial. You may feel bored at times and eventually lose the appetite of studying the Japanese language even further.

Studying Japanese in Japan (Actual Instructor) | FAIR Study in JapanWith an actual instructor, you will be motivated by healthy competition. It will also be more convenient to ask any questions that come out to your mind and have the answers in real-time. You will easily learn the proper pronunciation of Japanese words and see the writing techniques of the Japanese alphabet.

On the other hand, having an actual instructor means you can have classmates to make friends with. You can be able to collaborate with them to achieve the same goal which is to successfully learn the Japanese language. And with that, participating in in-class activities could be more fun and exciting.

2. Imagination Vs. Reality

an imagining boyYou can read Japanese history or everything about Japan and let yourself imagine how it looks like to be there. However, by doing that you will never feel the ambiance. And the truth? Imagination is not a guarantee for learning.

girl riding a bicycleThe reality is, studying the Japanese language in Japan itself will lead you to easily learn their culture as it is a gateway to live like a Japanese. This will also help you to use words that are intended for Japanese culture and customs only. Also, you will day by day learn more about Japan, its people, and its interesting history as you engage in learning Japanese in Japan.

3. Confusion Vs. Ability to Distinguish

reading with confusionA lot of people are sometimes confused with Japanese, Korean, and Chinese characters. Even those who study these languages are sometimes having a hard time distinguishing their differences. Similarly, to the untrained and insensitive ear, many Asian languages may sound alike. All of these happens because of less exposure.
satisfied boyHowever, as you choose to study the Japanese language in Japan, you will always hear the Japanese language every day, and it will develop your ability to have greater language awareness and you can be able to distinguish the Japanese language from any other Asian language.

4. Stay Where You Are Vs. Decide To Study Abroad

school thingsThere are a lot of language schools around the world that may have Japanese language subjects. You may even have it in your own country but still, it is not a guarantee for you to flourish the comprehension skills of the Japanese language.

greeting dinosaur

Good thing is that Japanese schools have a high quality of education at all levels so no wonder why a lot of foreigners chose to study in Japan. Of course, studying abroad can be more beneficial if you can speak its language very well so you need to be comfortable speaking the three major Japanese alphabets: Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji.

And you will be able to learn and speak faster the Japanese language if you master it inside Japan.

5. Job Hunt Vs. Job Pick

fish huntingOthers may think that it is much safer to stay in their own country. You do not need to make some adjustments and it gives comfort to live as you do. However, job opportunities and career growth will be difficult to reach if you do not widen out.
diver gets fishAs Japan’s economy becomes increasingly global, learning the Japanese language in Japan itself will have you close to jobs that can lead you to have a successful career. And of course, to be able to communicate with a different language aside from your own language can be your asset and a plus on your job application.

Get Higher Chances of Passing JLPT N1 and N2!

happy boy

It is not as difficult as you may think because after you start some Japanese characters, you’ll be amazed by how easy they are to remember with regular practice. And during the learning process, it will be easier for you to memorize Japanese phrases and paragraphs.

Surely, you will step by step learn the Japanese language and speak like a native. Plus, studying the Japanese language in Japan can mean higher chances of passing the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) that is importantly required for job opportunities in Japan.

So, why not choose the best option of learning the Japanese language in Japan to by no doubt gain access not just to Japanese communication skills but also to live with Japanese lifestyle.

Below is the list of highly recommended Japanese language schools in Japan that you can choose from.

International Study Institute

  • Offers 2 weeks to 2 years course

  • JLPT (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test) preparatory, EJU (Examination for Japanese University) preparatory, and Conversation class

  • School staff can communicate English, Spanish, Korean and Chinese languages

  • For more details, click here

Sendagaya Japanese Institute Group

  • Offers short-term and long-term courses supported by one on one counseling

  • Support for English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic, Korean, Indonesian, Russian, and Swedish

  • Offers a large variety of scholarships

  • For more details, click here

Asia International Language Center

  • Teachers are native Japanese citizens and some of them are a degree holder

  • Staff can communicate in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Japanese language

  • Offers short-term courses ( 90 days or less) and long-term courses (1-2 years)

  • For more details, click here

OHARA Japanese Language School

  • OJLS has 85 locations throughout Japan with 60,000 students attending lectures

  • They don’t just offer academic courses but also Employment Courses for N1, and Qualification Acquisition Course to achieve the tour conductor qualification, allowing to work part-time at a travel agency

  • For more details, click here

System Toyo Gaigo

  • Offers three major courses: Japanese and Professional Practice Course, Comprehensive Japanese Course, and Business Course

  • Teachers are professionals and well-trained

  • Three enrollments per year (April, July, and October)

  • For more details, click here

Japan Tokyo International School

  • Short-term courses for both foreign visitors and those living in Japan

  • Long-term courses from 1-2 years with 9 levels

  • Business Japanese Course with 24 lessons

  • For more details, click here

YU Language Academy

  • Provides two kinds of scholarships: School Scholarship System and Scholarship Support System
  • The short-term Course is from 1 to 3 months which requires a Temporary Visitor visa, a Working Holiday visa, etc.
  • Long-term Course is from 1 to 2 years which requires a student visa
  • For more details, click here

Tokyo Cosmo Academy

  • Provides scholarship reward system and free trial for top students
  • Offers College Preparatory Course, Practical Japanese, Business Japanese, Japanese Conversation, and Art Seminar
  • TCA curriculum focuses on JLPT N5 to N1 and above. 
  • For more details, click here

Kyoritsu Japanese Language Academy

  • Classes come with 18-month and 24-month courses which require applicants to have a student residential status in Japan
  • Offers JLPT N5 to N1 curriculum
  • Some courses schedule is 20 hours per week
  • For more details, click here

learning to earningThese top leading schools offer a complete package from learning to earning. You will start by learning the Japanese language, its culture, and lifestyle and in due time, you will earn the hard work that you exerted by gaining work in Japan opportunities.

And we at FAIR Study in Japan would be glad to help you in processing your application, and us to be your key towards your brighter future in Japan. If you have any questions, please fill out the form below. It will direct you to our contact page.

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