If you are thinking of studying in Japan, you must first obtain a Japanese Visa.

However, there are various obstacles such as it takes a lot of time and effort to apply for Visa and it is not possible to apply for the necessary documents from overseas.

Therefore, we work with our affiliated Japanese language schools to apply for Visa on your behalf.

Click here for the procedure for applying for a Visa [Illustration] Procedure for applying for a Japanese Visa

Benefits of requesting a Japanese Visa application at our company

・ You can apply for a Japanese Visa while you are abroad.

(If you do apply for a Visa from abroad, if you do not use an agent or study abroad destination of school administrative scrivener observed from Immigration Bureau required Visa application “Certificate of Eligibility” the Immigration Bureau application to Because I can’t)

・ If you request an administrative scrivener directly, you may not be able to communicate in your native language.

・ Because the price is cheaper than requesting an administrative scrivener directly.

Rate plan

Generally, Japanese language schools apply for “Issuance of Certificate of Eligibility” to the Immigration Bureau, but there is also a way to do it through an administrative scrivener.

Since the method differs depending on the affiliated school, we would appreciate it if you could contact us from the inquiry form in the future regarding the fee.

Recommended plan

We offer a pack for studying in Japan .

With this plan, we provide support for studying in Japan at once.

We will take care of all the troublesome procedures at once, so please have a look.

Study abroad in Japan pack


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