Founding reason

I have always been questioning that the countries of origin limit the countries that can be traveled, and that some countries have restrictions on immigration. You should not be restricted when doing something depending on the country of origin. The reality is that a system opposite to that is being created, while the state states that human equality should be. I always thought that I could change such contradictions with my own power.
In Japan, in particular, they are closed to accepting immigrants. And the declining birthrate and aging population are progressing, and the population of workers is decreasing sharply. So, first of all, I would like to start a company from my country of origin and change Japan.
Let’s create a world where you can live in the country where you want to live, regardless of nationality.
We are active in the heart of this ideal.

Mission statement

・ Continue to pursue quality of service to users
・ Continue to take on new challenges
Always seek the best and shortest ways
・ Increase the response speed to customers to the limit
· Free to work. The most important thing is to create value

Company Profile

Company Name: FAIR Co., Ltd.
Location: Nishi Ochiai 2-8-3-202, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Representative director: Takuya Kagawa
Phone number: 03-6676-2504
Description: Counseling for study abroad, agent for admission procedure, local support in Japan