Japanese Numbers: Easy Way to Count 1-100!

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Do you want to learn how to count Japanese numbers 1-100? You are in the right place. We will make your counting in Japanese in a fun and easy way. 

 In this article, we will provide you with the equivalent Romaji (romanized spelling) of the Japanese numbers so you can pronounce them without difficulty.

But before we start, we get to know first about the Japanese Counting System.

Let’s go!

Japanese Counting System

Japan employs two different number systems, the pure Japanese and the Sino-Japanese. Pure Japanese uses original words, while Sino-Japanese are words borrowed from the Chinese.

Reading Japanese Numbers

    • Onyomi reading is Sino-Japanese
    • Kun’yomi reading is Japanese Yamato Kotoba

Interestingly, the difference between the counting systems is that the native Japanese reading is only available to 1-10, but the rest is Onyomi reading or Sino-Japanese.

Writing Japanese Numbers

The writing of the Japanese numbers comes in two ways, such as:

    • Arabic numerals – often used in horizontal writing.
    • Chinese Numerals – adopted from the Chinese number system and commonly used in vertical writing.

Counting Japanese Numbers 1-100: 3 Easy Steps

Counting numbers in Japanese is easy to master when you know the first 10. You can start counting by a small group, and you can be able to count up to 100 or higher. That is why we created the easiest way to learn to count Japanese numbers in 3 simple steps.

    1. Count Japanese numbers by ones (1-9),
    2. Count by tens (10, 20, 30, and so on),
    3. Count by joining tens and ones together.

1. Count Japanese Numbers By Ones (1-9)

The first set of numbers you need to memorize is 1-9 or the ones. Indeed a significant part of learning to count in Japanese. When you memorize this set, the rest would be easy for you. Consider the helpful tip below when you memorize the numbers.

Tip: You can use the picture below to help you to remember the Japanese numbers. Did you know that linking the new words with something that you already know is one of the helpful tricks so far?

Japanese Numbers By Ones (Itchy) | FAIR Study in Japan

Number 1, in Japanese Ichi; Remember this picture “itchy.”

Counting Ones (Knee) | FAIR Study in Japan

Number 2, in Japanese ni; Remember this picture “knee.”

Counting in Japanese By Ones (Sun) | FAIR Study in Japan

Number 3, in Japanese san; Remember this picture “sun.”

Counting By Ones (Yawning) | FAIR Study in Japan


Number 4, in Japanese yon; Remember this picture “yawn”

Counting in Japanese By Ones (Traffic) | FAIR Study in Japan

Number 5, in Japanese, go; Remember this picture “go.”

Number Romaji Hiragana Kanji
1 ichi いち
2 ni
3 san さん
4 yon  よん
5 go
6 roku ろく
7 nana しち
8 hachi はち
9 kyuu きゅう

2. Count in Japanese By Tens (10-90)

After learning how to count ones (1-9) in Japanese numbers, this another set of tens is what you need to memorize. Using the formula below, counting by tens in Japan is so easy that anyone can do it.

Tips: Try this format:
In 10 you say juu only
In 20, you say ni (2)+ juu (10) = ni juu, (number 2 to 9 add juu)


Number Romaji Hiragana Kanji
10 juu じゅう
20 ni juu にじゅう 二十
30 san juu さんじゅう 三十
40 yon juu よんじゅう 四十
50 go juu ごじゅう 五十
60 roku juu ろくじゅう 六十
70 nana juu ななじゅう 七十
80 hachi juu はちじゅう 八十
90 kyuu juu きゅうじゅう 九十

3. Count Japanese Numbers By Joining Tens and Ones Together

The last step can be a lot easier once you’ve mastered counting ones and tens in Japanese. This time, you will join the tens and ones together. Check the formula below.


Remember this formula, juu (10) + ichi (1) = juu ichi (11).

In like manner, ni juu (20) + ichi (1) = ni juu Ichi (21), and so forth.

Number Romaji
11 juu ichi
22 ni juu ni
33 san juusan
44 yon juu yon
55 go juu go
66 roku juu roku
77 nana juu nana
88 hachi juu hachi
99 kyuu juu kyuu

It’s very easy, right? By just reading the Romaji, you will learn the proper pronunciation. Besides, counting numbers in Japanese has a similarity in counting numbers in English. That is why it’s not difficult to remember the numbers. So, let’s practice more.

Complete List of Japanese Number From 1-100

Use the following lists with the romanization of words in English to count fluently in Japanese. When you repeat the words after learning helps you not forget them. And if you see it interesting, you don’t want to stop counting. Keep practicing!


1 ichi 11 juu ichi
2 ni 12 juu ni
3 san 13 juu san
4 yon 14 juu yon
5 go 15 juu go
6 roku 16 juu roku
7 nana 17 juu nana
8 hachi 18 juu hachi
9 kyuu 19 juu kyuu
10 juu 20 ni juu


21 ni juu ichi 31 san juu ichi
22 ni juu ni 32 san juu ni 
23 ni juu san 33 san juu san
24 ni juu yon 34 san juu yon
25 ni juu go 35 san juu go
26 ni juu roku 36 san juu roku
27 ni juu nana 37 san juu nana
28 ni juu hachi 38 san juu hachi
29 ni juu kyuu 39 san juu kyuu 
30 san juu 40 yon juu


41 yon juu ichi 51 go juu ichi
42 yon juu ni 52 go juu ni
43 yon juu san 53 go juu san
44 yon juu yon 54 go juu yon
45 yon juu go 55 go juu go
46 yon juu roku 56 go juu roku
47 yon juu nana 57 go juu nana
48 yon juu hachi 58 go juu hachi
49 yon juu kyuu 59 go juu kyuu
50 go juu 60 roku juu


61 roku juu ichi 71 nana juu ichi
62 roku juu ni 72 nana juu ni 
63 roku juu san 73 nana juu san
64 roku juu yon 74 nana juu yon
65 roku juu go  75 nana juu go
66 roku juu roku 76 nana juu roku 
67 roku juu nana 77 nana juu nana
68 roku juu hachi 78 nana juu hachi
69 roku juu kyuu 79 nana juu kyuu
70 nana juu 80 hachi juu


81 hachi juu ichi  91 kyuu juu ichi
82 hachi juu ni 92 kyuu juu ni
83 hachi juu san 93 kyuu juu san
84 hachi juu yon 94 kyuu juu yon
85 hachi juu go 95 kyuu juu go
86 hachi juu roku 96 kyuu juu roku
87 hachi juu nana 97 kyuu juu nana
88 hachi juu hachi 98 kyuu juu hachi
89 hachi juu kyuu 99 kyuu juu kyuu
90 kyuu juu 100 hyaku

The new language you’ve learned can be easily forgotten, most especially when you don’t use them often. So the last and best tip is to share it with other people. Keep the learning alive!

Counting in Japanese is fun and easy. Right? So, why not learn the Japanese Alphabet as well. Check the
Japanese Alphabet Katakana and Hiragana” article now!

But if you want to learn Japanese in one of the language schools located in Japan, FAIR Study in Japan would be glad to help you. You can contact us using the form below.

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