5 Best Free Japanese Learning Apps For Beginners

5 Best Free Japanese Learning Apps For Beginners | FAIR Study in Japan

Technology is widely used today as a tool for teaching. We used the computer, internet, video or audio recordings, and even smartphones to enhance learning. With the help of new technologies, such as Japanese learning apps, learning a new language becomes more convenient and accessible.

Besides, some of these apps are free, well-designed, and very easy to use. Using your android or apple devices, lessons can be taken anytime and anywhere.  

Would you like to know about these free apps? Well, we pick the best free apps for you, including their cool features to help you to decide what app is suitable for your needs. But let’s learn first the advantages of using language learning apps.

Advantages of Using Japanese Learning Apps


Advantages of Using Japanese Learning Apps | FAIR Study in Japan

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

Learning apps are available anytime you want to use them, for example, when you’re on a bus or a train, waiting for the next appointment in the hospital, during lunch break, and even staying at home. Therefore, using an app in learning a new language is neither time-pressured nor time-consuming.

Saves Money

Compared with taking a language course online or in school, studying language using apps is definitely more cost-efficient. There are many free learning apps and paid apps both available in the play store and app store.

Not Boring

Is it possible to do it at the same time, playing and learning? Absolutely, yes. Learning new languages is quite challenging, but apps with games offer a stress-free way of learning. The approach is more engaging and fun, so even kids can learn the Japanese language.


5 Best Free Japanese Learning Apps

Write It! Japanese

write it logo


This app offers to help you read and write in Japanese. It is the first writing recognition app for Japanese kana.  Currently, this app is only available for Android users. So what are the good things about this app? Let’s learn the features below.


  • Easy to use for writing.
  • Practice writing with guides before testing yourself
  • Learning is very fast and uncomplicated.
  • The short lessons will not eat up your time.
  • You don’t need to have a pen and paper with this app.
  • You can write anywhere and anytime you want.
  • A convenient app, you don’t need tutorials from reading books or watching videos.


Free Japanese learning apps (Duo Lingo) | FAIR Study in Japan


This app promised to learn to speak, listening and writing skills in other languages by just playing games. If learning the Japanese language is sometimes boring for you, then you have to try this app. It is available for both android and apple devices. Aside from being an editor’s choice in Google Play, The Wall Street Journal acknowledge Duolingo as the best language-learning app. Let’s check out why you should use this as a guide?


  • Delivers a fun and easy way of learning through a game-like structure and rewards.
  • You can earn points for correct answers, beats the clock, and level up.
  • It helps you improve your vocabulary and grammar skills by answering questions and completing lessons.
  • The lessons start with the basics and moving to advance levels.
  • It provides a bite-sized lesson that you can take during your free time.


lingodeer logoThe purpose of this app is to help people to learn Asian languages including the Japanese language. Designed by a team of professional language teachers who aims to give an interactive method of learning. The app is also available to all Android and Apple users. So, what are the features of LingoDeer? Please, check below.

It provides a comprehensive introduction to the Japanese alphabet system (Hiragana and Katakana) that builds a solid foundation for successful learning.

  • Detailed grammar notes that explain how the language works
  • It has a Clear audio recording from native speakers.
  • You can learn anytime and anywhere you like because of the offline mode feature, and it’s for free.
  • Japanese learning is available in Kana, Kanji, and Romaji
  • With varied and creative exercise modes that target different skills.
  • It has 2,000 most often used words and phrases up to the intermediate level, covered in 60+ units and 150+ lessons.
  • Built-in flashcard review system that helps one memorize new words and selectively reinforces skill points.

Bravolol Japanese

Bravolol logo parrot


Bravolol aims to help the users to learn the Japanese words and phrases from a native Japanese-speaking parrot. It is useful for traveling anywhere in Japan. It’s a free app and is available both on android and apple devices. Please, take the time to read the nice features below.


  • There are several useful Japanese phrases & words, such as, “Thank you!”, “How much?” Or “A table for two, please!”
  • Tapping the phrase will able you to hear the recording which speaks loud and clear.
  • The pronunciation is recorded by a native Japanese speaker so you can follow it easily.
  • No Internet connection is required.
  • You can search for keywords instantly.
  • You can customize the font size.

Learn Japanese Offline

Learn Japanese Offline logo


“The Learn Japanese Offline” is an app that has over 1000 commonly used Japanese phrases and vocabularies for travelers and beginners in 18 categories. So, it’s likely the same as bringing a handbook. Unfortunately, this app is only available for Android devices. To help you to decide whether to download it or not. I’ll show you the reasons why this app is very useful.

  • Clear native pronunciation.
  • The app is completely offline, so it doesn’t require the internet to open it.
  • You can search for Japanese words or phrases instantly.
  • There’s an option to save your favorite sentences for later review.

Well, those are the best free apps that can help you learn the basic Japanese language. Check for the list of other Japanese learning apps below.

If you want to learn the easy way to count numbers in Japanese, please click the following link. 

Counting in Japanese Numbers 1-100 for Beginners

More Japanese Learning Apps You Can Download!

  • Japanese Dictionary App Imiwa
  • Anki Flashcards App
  • Tae Kim’s Guide to Japanese Grammar
  • Learn Hiragana and Katakana Mnemonics with Dr Moku
  • NHK Easy Japanese News
  • Obenkyo
  • The Quizmaster: Obenkyo
  • The Dictionaries: Akebi
  • FluentU
  • Hello Talk
  • Lext Talk
  • ePenPal
  • Waygo
  • Kana (Hiragana & Katakana)
  • Kana Quiz
  • Kanji Senpai

Learning Japanese apps will really help you talk and understand the basic language. However, to pass any level of the Japanese proficiency exam, you should take a long-term course in a Japanese language school. Passing the JLPT will help you get a job in Japan or applying to any university. Fair Study in Japan will help you find a language school in Japan. Contact them now by filling out the form below.

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