4 Types of Accommodation in Japan

4 Types of Accommodations in Japan

Choosing accommodation in Japan is one of the things you need to plan before moving to Japan. But of course, you have to consider how much you can set aside in your budget for this.

Housing fee in Japan varies by location. For example, in Tokyo, housing fees are the most expensive compared to all other cities in Japan. And because Shinbashi station is the most accessible place in Tokyo, housing fees in this area are the highest.

At Ikebukuro station, the apartment fee would cost approximately 80,000 Yen (more than US$710) per month. But at Gunma prefecture, you only need to pay 36,000 Yen (US$320) per month. Can you see the difference?

That means that the farther you stay from the city, the cheaper your expense will be. The table below shows the monthly Japanese housing fee by prefecture, from highest to lowest.

Rank Prefecture Monthly Fee (Yen)
1 Tokyo 78,552
2 Kanagawa 68,847
3 Chiba 59,663
4 Saitama 57,706
5 Osaka 54,349
6 Hyogo 53,882
7 Kyoto 53,354
8 Aichi 51,634
9 Shizuoka 51,579
43 Miyazaki 39,231
44 Shimane 39,045
45 Kagoshima 38,718
46 Akita 38,321
47 Aomori 37,485

※2013 version

Aside from location, you have to consider what type of accommodation will fit your budget. The following table shows four types of accommodation in Japan and a comparison of average monthly expenses. 




Homestay is a program that lets you stay and become a part of a Japanese family, your host. Generally, three meals are included, but that depends on the family you will stay with.

Advantages: You will be able to live the Japanese way, have a great chance to learn and use the language, know more about the culture and lifestyle of Japanese people. 

Disadvantages: Limits your freedom as some require curfew. You also need to adjust to your host’s everyday life and if you cannot, it might create misunderstanding.



Japanese apartments are very clean, which usually have one bedroom, one living and dining room, and a kitchen area. It also comes with a bathroom and toilet. Apartment buildings are built strong, ready for earthquakes.

Advantages: You can have your own privacy and choose which location you want to live in. You also have the option to get an apartment and share it with a friend.

Disadvantages: Because you live alone, you cannot use your Japanese frequently. You have a lot of fees to pay which sometimes include insurance.

Share House

From the word itself, share house means you will live in a house with other people and share most of the things with them like the living room, dining and kitchen area, and sometimes share bathroom and toilet with your housemates, too. There are two types of sharehouse: individual bedrooms and shared bedrooms.

Advantages: The most inexpensive accommodation. You will meet and live with people from different countries, with the same interest or reasons for staying in Japan. If you need to move in or out immediately, it won’t be costly. There is no need to buy appliances or furniture. And because it is an actual house, space is bigger than an apartment. 

Disadvantages: Less privacy and, even if you have your own room, you can still hear noises from the other rooms. You need to help each other in cleaning up, but some roommates can be messy and uncooperative.



HotelThe hotel is the best option for a short-staying tourist and you can book through Airbnb. It is available worldwide that’s why you will get familiar with it. We have used Airbnb in Canada, and the experience was awesome!

Advantages: Great for a short stay, can choose and book accommodation online. 

Disadvantages: The fee is much higher than the other accommodations.


The four types of accommodation discussed above have advantages and disadvantages. Homestay is good to practice your Japanese language and sharehouse is more budget-friendly. Whatever your purpose of staying in Japan, we can give you the best information about these types of accommodation. We also offer accommodation services. 

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