Top 10 Things to Do in Japan

Mt. Fuji

What are the adventurous things you should not miss doing while in Japan? In planning a vacation trip, you would wish to know in advance what things you can do in the place you are going to visit.  Well, you should do what is not common in your home country. Aside from shopping, you can add the following best things to do in Japan to your bucket list.

Ride the Shinkansen

Bullet TrainShinkansen, or bullet train, is the most affordable and fastest way for you to explore Japan. it will take you from one major city to another. The train stations are ideally located to let you reach tourist spots easily. Though its speed, riding a shinkansen is the safest mode of transportation.

Climb Mt. Fuji

Mt. FujiMt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan. Usually seen in photos, Mt. Fuji is not just a mountain, it is actually an active volcano which last eruption was in December 1707. The official climbing season is between July and August. Summer is the best season to climb the mountain because it is the safest time. Considered as one of the sacred mountains, you can go reach the top to watch the sunset before the night falls or see the beautiful sunrise in the morning.

Visit Fuji Five Lakes

If you can’t climb Mt. Fuji, you surely don’t want to miss watching it. The best place to see a closer look at the beauty of the mountain is at the five lakes around it. The five lakes are Kawaguchiko, Saiko, Yamanakako, Shojiko, and Motosuko. Among the five, Kawaguchiko is the most developed and most accessible. Aside from viewing Mt. Fuji, you can also start your climb from these lakes.

Watch Fireworks and Festivals

fireworksJapan has different fireworks festivals during the summer. It is one of the best pass time during summer nights. The biggest, which happens on the last Saturday of July each year, is the Sumidagawa Fireworks in Asakusa. You can also check out other fireworks festivals around the country. To get the most beautiful spot to watch the fireworks, you need to arrive in the place early or make an early reservation. Some would bring food and drinks with them to secure and not leave the space they have. It is fair to warn you that the place could be very crowded during these times.

Eat to Cool Down

Known for ramen, Japan has another noodle food that is a favorite during the summer season, it is the cold-noodle. It may not be appealing, but eating cold-noodles with its dipping sauce and different side dish during summertime is refreshing. One thing you must really try is eating it through a bamboo pipe. Called nagashi somen, noodles will flow through with water in a halved bamboo pipe and you have to catch it using your chopsticks. Can you imagine how enjoyable the experience will be?

Japan also offers unique ice cream flavors in different colors. You would be surprised to know some of the unusual flavors you can find around the country. You can find squid ink, sake (Japanese rice wine), matcha (green tea), wasabi, seaweed, miso, Sakura (cherry blossom) and a lot of weirder flavors. You can even taste some meaty flavors like horse meat, octopus and chicken.

If you want to try a safer way to eat cold dessert, then try Kakigori. It is a bowl of shaved ice with flavored syrup and different toppings. The popular flavors and toppings are strawberry, watermelon, and matcha.

Party Under Sakura Trees

sakura treeSakura or cherry blossoms usually bloom for a week during springtime. Once they reach full bloom, the white and pink petals will start to fall like snow. Japanese people would spend time under the trees doing parties called hanami. You must visit some famous Japanese parks like Ueno Park, Shinjuku Gyoen and Yoyogi Park to never miss this experience.

Kyoto’s Bamboo Forest

Bamboo ForestThe Bamboo Forest is one of the most beautiful places you must visit during the early summer. Because of its free admission, the place is usually visited and you need to be early to take a beautiful and no crowd picture. Don’t worry, the forest is open 24/7. During summer, you can barely feel the sun’s heat because of the bamboo that filters it. Near the forest are different temples, too, that you can visit and see.

Take a Walk at the Best Garden

Wisteria TunnelThe best garden during springtime in Japan is the Ashikaga Flower Park. You will see the very large hanging wisteria, a flowering vine. In this park, you will see the most beautiful wisteria flowers in the world. You can walk under the wisteria tunnels, the different colors such as purple, pink, blue and white, make the place so beautiful and romantic. Aside from the wisteria flowers, there are other beautiful flowering plants and views that you will enjoy to see.

See Osaka from Umeda Sky Building

Umeda Sky GardenAt the 170 meters from the ground, the Floating Garden Observatory at the top of this building gives you a 360 spectacular view of the whole Osaka. You can visit the twin tower either during the day, to see a clear picture of the city and its neighboring places, or at night, to see the city lights.

Experience Koyo

LeavesKoyo, or autumn, is the best season, as others recommend, to visit Japan. It happens from September to November each year. Even though Japan has numerous temples and tall buildings, it has conserved its natural views and developed gardens. During autumn, these gardens turn to colorful scenery, when the trees’ leaves turn from red to yellow then brown. During this season, you can go hiking, sightseeing, and biking, as the weather allows you more to do outdoor activities.

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