How to Write Katakana


Here is the step by step strokes on how to write katakana.

Katakana "A"Katakana "I"Katakana "U"Katakana "E"Katakana "o"

Katakana "Ka"Katakana "Ki"Katakana "ku"Katakana "Ke"Katakana "Ko"

Katakana "Sa"Katakana "Shi"Katakana "Su"Katakana "Se"Katakana "So"

Katakana "Ta"Katakana "Chi"Katakana "Tsu"Katakana "Te"Katakana "T"

Katakana "Na"Katakana "Two"Katakana "Nu"Katakana "Ne"Katakana "No"

Katakana "Ha"Katakana "Hi"カタカナ「フ」カタカナ「へ」カタカナ「ホ」





You can remember Hiragana and Katakana from here.

 Easy way to learn Japanese alphabet katakana and hiragana.


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