How to Find the Right Japanese Language School

Japanese Language School

There are over 400 Japanese language schools located in different regions all over Japan. Each school may have the same purpose, which is to help you learn the Japanese language.

You might think: “Learning the Japanese language may be done through self-study”. But why is enrolling in a language school is better than self-study?


Unlike when your self study, you will be corrected immediately by your teacher when you make a mistake in a Japanese language school. You will immediately know if you have used the words or phrases correctly. Or when you pay to learn, you will be motivated to study and learn the language even more. If you self study, sometimes the feeling of procrastination, that is “I will do that later” attitude, will rise. That’s why studying in a language school will make your learning faster.

But how will you know the right Japanese language school for you? We will give you the idea on what you should consider before you choose and enroll in a language school.

Ask Yourself

What is your purpose of learning the Japanese language?

International students who enrolled in Japanese language schools have different purposes for why they want to learn. Consider these questions: “Do you wish to learn the language to be able to work in Japan? Will you be in Japan to spend your holiday vacation and include learning the Japanese language to make your holiday unforgettable? Do you want to proceed to study at a Japanese college or university?” There are language schools that are more focus on teaching the language strictly, to make you learn fast, or learn the business Japanese which you can use at work. There are some language schools, aside from teaching the language, they teach the two different cultures of Japan or how to write Kanji. That would be a fun experience, too.

Where will you be staying in Japan?

Depending on your purpose of studying the Japanese language, you may as well consider where is the best location you can fulfill that purpose. Example, if you want to find work, choosing a school in the major cities, like Tokyo, maybe the best location to find a job. Then you might consider studying the Japanese language in these locations.


Studying in rural Japan will help you to learn, not just the language but as well as the culture. And unlike in major cities, there are less English speakers in the rural area. You can really test your Japanese language skills.

How much is your budget?

Speaking about location, always remember that the nearer you are from the city, the more costly it gets. If you will decide to study in Tokyo, you can expect that your daily expenses, such as food and accommodation, will be high as well as the cost of your study. Choosing the right Japanese language school according to your budget is highly suggested.

How long will you be in Japan?

Choosing a Japanese language school also depends on how long will you stay in Japan. Knowing this will help you decide what program will you choose. Will it be 3 months, 6 months or 1 year?

Does the school accept a foreigner like me?

There are Japanese language schools that primarily accept nationalities who don’t use Kanji characters. You may find schools which welcome students from particular countries, and the country where you are from.

What does their record say?

If you plan to enroll in a Japanese university, you may check if, in that Japanese language school, there were any graduate students who have successfully applied in the university you wish to attend. You might as well want to know where most of your fellow citizen studied. Or see if their students have passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) and the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU).

Knowing how the Japan Immigration Bureau considers the school is very important. There are schools that are under its investigation or inspection because of overstayed students due to visa problems which the school mismanaged. You will likely know this if the school’s number of student is less than its capacity.

How big is the class size?

Attending a Japanese language class in big groups is more challenging and learning the language may not be very effective, especially for the beginners. Depending on your level, asking the Japanese language school the size of the class is reasonable for you to learn the language quickly and easily.

What are the other services it offers?

Checking the Japanese language school’s website will help you see the other services it offers. Other services may include dormitory, work assistance, scholarship. Example, if the school has its own dormitory, your accommodation won’t be a problem. If it doesn’t have, ask if they will help you find one that is near the school’s location.

Get to know the 4 Type of Accommodations in Japan.

Famous Japanese Language Schools



Meiji Academy

Service OfferedJob placement support, accommodation
Lessons/CoursesStandard Japanese,
Business Japanese,
Traditional and pop culture

Elite Japanese language school

Elite Japanese Language School

Service OfferedScholarship and dormitory
Lessons/CoursesGeneral Japanese,
Advanced Japanese
Short-term course, including Japanese culture

Genki japanese and cultural school logo

Genki Japanese and Culture School,

Service OfferedCellphone rental, personal alarm, airport pick-up, accommodation
Lessons/CoursesJapanese Pop and Traditional cultures
Speaking and reading
Japanese crash course for tourist

JCLI language school logo

JCLI Japanese Language School

Service OfferedDormitory, a part-time job and employment guidance, and support
Lessons/CoursesShort term
College preparatory,
College admission

JALS Group logo

Hokkaido Japanese Language School

Service Offered4 types of accommodation
Lessons/CoursesStandard Japanese course,
Pop culture,
Fashion culture,
Traditional culture,

coto logo

Coto Japanese Academy

Service OfferedHas another chain of companies, Coto Work, that help you find a job in Japan
Lessons/CoursesIntensive full-time course 
Conversation part-time lesson 
Business Japanese

Akamonkai school logo

Akamonkai Japanese Language School

Location TOKYO
 Career guidance, scholarship, and dormitory
Lessons/CoursesGeneral language class,
Preparatory for EJU,
Business Japanese,
Elective course for university admission test

KILC logo

Kudan Institute of Japanese Language and Culture

Service OfferedHomestay accommodations
Airport Pickup Service at Narita International Airport 
Lessons/CoursesJapanese Intensive Course
Japanese Conversation Course
Japanese Holiday Course
Japanese Hiragana Katakana Course
Manga (Comic) course
Japanese Private Lesson

SHinjuku Japanese language Institute logo

Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute

Location TOKYO
Service OfferedPartnered with real estate agencies to help students find accommodation near the school.
Offers various scholarships.
Lessons/CoursesOffers lessons at all levels: beginner, intermediate, advance, Business, Tourism

Also offers Kanji class, a preparatory class for JLPT and EJU

KAI school logo


Kai Japanese Language School

Location TOKYO
Service OfferedAssistance to find a host family.
Lessons/CoursesGeneral language course
Practical Conversation
Japanese Business
Private lesson

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