Counting in Japanese Numbers 1-100 for Beginners


If you find it hard to count in Japanese, well, here are some easy ways to do it. I will help you to memorize the numbers by reading the Romaji or Roman letters and by following some helpful guides. But before we start, I’ll give you some practical information about Japanese numerals.

  • In writing, Japanese numerals entirely based on Chinese numerals.
  • In reading, there are two sets; 
    Onyomi reading based on Chinese, Sino-Japanese.
    Kun’yomi reading based on Japanese Yamato Kotoba.

To learn counting numbers in Japanese, this is what we are going to do.

  • Let’s count by ones in Japanese (1-9).
  • Let’s count by tens (10, 20, 30…) in Japanese.
  • Let’s count by joining tens and ones together.


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Let’s count by ones in Japanese from 1-9.

All you have to do is to memorize the first set of numbers.
Tips: You can use the picture below to help you to remember the Japanese numbers.


dog scratchingNumber 1, in Japanese ichi; Remember this picture “itchy.”

kneeNumber 2, in Japanese ni; Remember this picture “knee.”

sunNumber 3, in Japanese san; Remember this picture “sun.”

yawnNumber 4, in Japanese yon; Remember this picture “yawn”

trafficNumber 5, in Japanese, go; Remember this picture “go.”


4yon よん


Let’s count by tens in Japanese. (10-90)

This is the other set that you should memorize.

Tips: Try this format:
In 10 you say juu only
In 20, you say ni (2)+ juu (10) = ni juu, (number 2 to 9 add juu)


20ni juuにじゅう二十
30san juuさんじゅう三十
40yon juuよんじゅう四十
50go juuごじゅう五十
60roku juuろくじゅう六十
70nana juuななじゅう七十
80hachi juuはちじゅう八十
90kyuu juuきゅうじゅう九十


Let’s count by joining tens and ones together.

For the last step, this would be easy since you know the numbers above. Just consider the tips, which will help you count from 1-100 in Japanese.


Remember this formula, juu (10) + ichi (1) = juu ichi (11).

In like manner, ni juu (20) + ichi (1) = ni juu Ichi (21), and so forth.


11juu ichi
22ni juu ni
33san juusan
44yon juu yon
55go juu go
66roku juu roku
77nana juu nana
88hachi juu hachi
99kyuu juu kyuu


It’s very easy, right? By just reading the Romaji, you will learn the proper pronunciation. Besides, counting numbers in Japanese has a similarity in counting numbers in English. That is why it’s not difficult to remember the numbers. So, let’s practice more.

Counting in Japanese number 1-100

Here are the full lists of numbers and Romaji.


1ichi11juu ichi
2ni12juu ni
3san13juu san
4yon14juu yon
5go15juu go
6roku16juu roku
7nana17juu nana
8hachi18juu hachi
9kyuu19juu kyuu
10juu20ni juu



21ni juu ichi31san juu ichi
22ni juu ni32san juu ni 
23ni juu san33san juu san
24ni juu yon34san juu yon
25ni juu go35san juu go
26ni juu roku36san juu roku
27ni juu nana37san juu nana
28ni juu hachi38san juu hachi
29ni juu kyuu39san juu kyuu 
30san juu40yon juu



41yon juu ichi51go juu ichi
42yon juu ni52go juu ni
43yon juu san53go juu san
44yon juu yon54go juu yon
45yon juu go55go juu go
46yon juu roku56go juu roku
47yon juu nana57go juu nana
48yon juu hachi58go juu hachi
49yon juu kyuu59go juu kyuu
50go juu60roku juu



61roku juu ichi71nana juu ichi
62roku juu ni72nana juu ni 
63roku juu san73nana juu san
64roku juu yon74nana juu yon
65roku juu go 75nana juu go
66roku juu roku76nana juu roku 
67roku juu nana77nana juu nana
68roku juu hachi78nana juu hachi
69roku juu kyuu79nana juu kyuu
70nana juu80hachi juu



81hachi juu ichi 91kyuu juu ichi
82hachi juu ni92kyuu juu ni
83hachi juu san93kyuu juu san
84hachi juu yon94kyuu juu yon
85hachi juu go95kyuu juu go
86hachi juu roku96kyuu juu roku
87hachi juu nana97kyuu juu nana
88hachi juu hachi98kyuu juu hachi
89hachi juu kyuu99kyuu juu kyuu
90kyuu juu100hyaku

Here’s another tip so you won’t easily forget it. Counting in Japanese numbers 1-100 with your friends or your loved ones.

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