5 Tips of Living in Tokyo


living in Tokyo

Tokyo is the most remarkable city in the world. If you are planning to go to Tokyo or travel, you should be confused and surprised by something different from your country. We are introducing 5 tips of living in Tokyo you must know.


Suica and Pasmo

Suica and pasmo cardsSuica and Pasmo are a rechargeable card for every transportation(trains, subways, and buses). The transportation system in Tokyo is very convenient but complicated. The fare very by your destination and there are a lot of lines. However, if you have Suica or Pasmo, you don’t have to calculate your fare and you just tap automatic ticket gate to get the transportation. These cards can be electronic wallet as well, you can use it in most convenience store or kiosk. 

Suica is sold by JR which is the Japanese main transportation company. Pasmo is sold by a private transportation company. Both of card can be used for every line. 

How to survive on a train ride in Tokyo?

people at the train stationDo you know how crowded Japanese train is? The train and subway, especially during rush hour, is too crowded. Avoiding rush hour is the best but if you live in Tokyo, you might experience it. We are going to teach you how to survive on the train. 

First of all, you have to be in line to take a train and if you don’t rush, it is better to wait for next train and be first place in the line to get your seat. However, all seats are occupied probably. If it happens, you have to stand humidity(caused by sweat) and too many people. The best place to wait for your station is near the seats. There are bars and rings(it’s called Tsurikawa) to hang. When you get off a train, you say “Sumimasen(means Excuse me)”. 

Cash or Credit card?

handling cash cardSo many shops don’t accept credit and debit card in Japan, even Tokyo is the biggest city in Japan. Especially, most restaurants like ramen or sushi places accept only cash. We strongly recommend carrying cash. 

What is the Japanese coin and bill? 


Amazon in Japan 

 Living in TokyoAmazon is a worldwide company and Japan has Amazon too. Why do we recommend to use Amazon? Amazon in Japan has an outstanding delivery system. Customers get the item within 2 or 3 days without any extra charge(but it depends on items). If you join Amazon Prime, you can get your item within 24 hours! In addition, some products are cheaper than the price in a physical store. 


Which supermarket is the cheapest?

Living in TokyoCost of living in Tokyo is expensive but if you know the cheapest supermarket, you manage your wallet.


Products that you need every day including grocery(toilet paper, detergent etc. ) are surprisingly cheap. I have lived in Tokyo for 5 years and I think SEIYU is the cheapest spot to buy ice cream. Ice cream in other supermarkets is almost 300yen per box. However,  in the SEIYU, it is only 200 yen. Also, Deli will be half price after around 9:00 pm. 

Moreover, if you have a Walmart credit card, you can get a 3% discount!

  • My basket

My basket is not huge superstore but all products price are stable and cheaper than average. Some products are 30% off occasionally.

  • LIFE

A part of the vegetable, meat, cheese, and bread is only 93yen every Monday. 


Tokyo is a great city. We hope you enjoy your life in Tokyo!  



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